Landscaping Services

Landscaping and Landscape Design

Phoenix Maintenance Solutions is a trusted landscape company in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas of Arizona.

The following are the major tasks we will undertake to provide you with an outstanding custom landscape:

  • We will begin with a visual site inspection
  • Meet with client to gather their input on landscape and hardscape design
  • Assess the local environment and surrounding area
  • Create a custom landscape design
  • Install all phases of hardscape : barbecues, fireplaces, flagstone, and masonry
  • Complete with custom landscape: grading, boulder placement, install plants and trees, irrigation systems,
  • Cement curbing, low voltage lighting systems, sod and granite
  • Follow up inspection (see warranty)

Rocks, Boulders and Granite Phoenix AZ

Rocks and Boulders are an important element to a natural landscape for any community. The composition of the hardscape is just as critical as the composition of the plants. Phoenix Maintenance Solutions will create dramatic effects using large boulders that can become impressive vertical elements within the landscape.

Phoenix Maintenance Solutions uses “surface select” boulders that are “cradled” and sometimes “craned” into place. Boulders are available in a selection of colors and styles to fit your communities needs. To complete your landscape, our granite comes in a variety of colors and sizes as well.

Contact Phoenix Maintenance Solutions and let us create the natural outdoor space you deserve.