Striping & Curb Painting

Striping & Curb Painting Phoenix AZ


Striping & Curb Painting Phoenix AZ


“It’s amazing what a little lipstick will do for your parking lot.”Parking Lot Striping
A well-marked parking lot promotes safety and convenience by informing your customers where to park, stop or walk. A professionally striped/marked parking area will accomplish the following things:• Improve the overall aesthetics of your site• Provide a safer parking environment for both drivers an pedestrians on your property• Increased efficiency and flow in busy parking lot

Curb Painting
Curb painting enforces designated parking and non-parking areas. It also adds to safety for pedestrians, not to mention how crisp it makes the parking lot look.

Handicapped Spaces
In July 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law and affects all property owners. Regardless of company size, all businesses must now have the proper number of handicapped-accessible parking stalls and required van parking spaces.

Traffic Sign Installation
Traffic signs provide information on traffic flow and parking regulations. Proper sign installation will go a long way to achieving a safer and more functional parking lot.